Years and Years (2011)

by Milo Fairweather

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released August 12, 2011

All songs written and recorded by Daniel Olivas.



all rights reserved


Milo Fairweather Orange, California

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Track Name: Worthless
If we don't talk about it no one will
If we don't shed some light they'll all go blind
So we should rip the world apart for kicks
And as the towers fall they'll all join in

Now your luck has ended
Every step morose with time, and gone

If we don't scoff about it no one will
Though long forgotten, patience always tries
And with a kiss the tide came rushing in
In every breath, a disaster of hints

Blood and wine in the parlor
Every sip a port to the past
And a gift will only clench it
But you saw, so I stop and laugh now

Scarecrow on the tracks
Scarecrow on the tracks

So you won't make the curtain
A bouquet of noise unwanted now
Track Name: Coming Around
Insightful as always, as nothing
But we're coming around, yeah we're coming around
To fuse violence and meaning and color
But we're coming around, yeah we're coming around they said
You're so useless

And we cried at the loss of our brothers
But we're coming around, yeah we're fucking around
To view violence as meaning, as color
But we're coming around, yeah we're coming around

Conceal myself
So beautiful
And they steal my self
So beautiful

And we died every time
But we've come too far
So we lie as we go
Always know that I'm already gone
Always notice that I did it all for you
And we sing it out for you
Track Name: Taken
Love has taken away
Your blood has made the mistake oh so common
Though I know just what they'll all say
Time alone can't cure this one
So I lay here to sleep
A luxury left to content minds, I'm wide awake
But I still manage to dream
A stagnant angel paid to smile

And I blame you

Love has taken away
The pattern continues to play as it runs around
And intertwines and repeats
Until I don't know where I am
And who cares?
And who cares

That I don't know her name
Cause I'll love her anyway, yeah I'll love her anyway
And I don't even know her face
But I'll love her anyway, I'll love her...

And I blame you
Yes, I blame you
Track Name: Scatter Bombs
Well come on right along as we sing another song
And we forfeit all the forethought of our fathers now
They'll never hear a word we say
For they've long since hit the hay right after supper
If they cared so much they'd care enough
To find out where it is we go at sundown
But as much as they complain you know they'd rather play it safe
And who's to say we're fucking up all that bad anyway?

So leave your secrets at the door and your belongings on the floor
And stamp your feet to the heartbeats pulsing around us
You're comfortable and you're favorable
But you're never around
And no I won't, and no I don't
I don't consent to any of this
So I sit alone in sepia tones
And wait out my lifelong sentence

In the safety of the sun
I rejoice, inviting everyone
To stay with me a while
I'm not quite ready to suffer this alone

But it was no use
They'd all heard just what it was I'd done
Although there was one boy who came
Every third or fourth day of the month
He said his name was Avery
And he wanted to know everything
About scatter bombs and open wounds
And chocolate rations of the first world war
Track Name: Fire in the Brush
Eternity never seemed so discrete
Always weeping in the leaves
Ever present in the light
And the voices in the breeze
They were meant for me
Like a gift of disease on the mend

You're too tired, you once said
To hold the torch of my regret
Said you're trying to forget
So your story came to us
Like a fire in the brush
Like desire plagued with rust

So I lived my life of lust
Of conspired song and dance
All designed to plague the beast
Of my guilted consequence

So rejoice in the blood
Of my secret army now
Of my wasted martyrdom
While I sulk
Track Name: 911
See what you see
They take it all away
They take it all away
But they don't...

Don't fall into their trap
But you'll fall in anyway
You'll fall another way
But they don't...
But they don't...

They take it all away...